Love That Look: Camilla Belle

My inspiration for this look was Camilla Belle who appeared at the From Nada to Prada Premiere in Los Angeles.  She was featured as the Hair Look of the Day, but I wasn't paying attention to her hair as I was mesmerized by her make-up!  She had done something I've never really done before -- she doesn't seem to be using any highlight under her brow bone and she was deliberately placing shadow underneath her eye.  My quest to recreate her make-up look turned out to be a success! 

photo credit:  giulio marcocchi - sipa press

All colors from MAC Cosmetics unless otherwise noted:
*        Highlight – Blanc Type (optional)
*        Above Crease – Malt 
*        Crease – Copperplate + Silver Ring 
*        Below Crease - Star Violet + Shale
*        Highlighter/crease diffusion – Malt
*        Top Liner – Engraved + Unflappable (mega metal shadow -- MAC Peacocky Collection)
*        Bottom Liner – Engraved + Electra (inner third) + Shale (middle) + Star Violet (outer third)
*        Highlight – Accentuate
*        Color – Peaches (along cheekbone)+ Tenderling (along outer edge of Peaches)
*        Contour – Sculpt
*        Base – MUFE Full Cover Concealer 
*        Color – Dressmaker Dressmaker + Delish
*        Liner – Dior lip liner #133

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