Look: MAC Pro Bottle Green Eyeshadow

I hope everyone's making good use of their last day of rest before the new work/school week begins!  I just purchased a new green eyeshadow and have been itching for an opportunity to try it out.  MAC Bottle Green is a Pro color.  Its texture is much like their permanent color, Plumage, and has similar pigmentation.  It is not quite as smooth when applied as I would've liked, but more comments on that in a later review.  I'd describe it as a teal-ed forest green.  This color reminds me of "pine green" (perhaps there is a colored pencil somewhere with that same name).  

All colors from MAC Cosmetics unless otherwise noted:


*        Inner third – Inglot #414
*        Outer 2/3, crease, & outer V – Bottle Green
*        Above crease – Bottle Green
*        Tear Duct– Inglot #418
*        Crease diffusion – Vex
*        Highlight – Vex + Blanc Type
*        Top liner – Black black
*        Bottom liner – Engraved + Bottle Green + Inglot #414

*        Highlight – Accentuate
*        Color – Cantaloupe + Joyous
*        Contour – Sculpt

*        Base – MUFE HD Foundation #120
*        Color - MUFE Rouge Artiste Intense Mat2

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