Nail File -- OPI My Private Jet

Metallics are all the rage this Spring season as is seen here at 3.1 Philip Lim 2011 -- they lend a luxe feel to any polish. OPI's My Private Jet looks like a plain black with glitter when seen through the bottle, but on nails is actually two different colors depending on the light. In extremely bright light, it can be described as an extremely dark bronze. In low light, it looks like a black being held back -- certainly not the darkest black polish I've seen. What makes My Private Jet interesting is that it has glitter of different sizes ranging from very fine to about half a millimeter. Being an anti-glitter kind of gal myself, I have no problem wearing this polish even though it has some in it and any sense of overt girlishness is subtracted by the dark hue itself. 

photo credit:  olivier claisse /firstVIEW

Base: Orly Bonder
icon  Color: My Private jet
Top coat: MAC Overlacquer
Coats to opacity: 1
Days worn before chipping:  2+

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