MAC Surfbaby Crushed Metallic Pigment Review & Swatches -- Surf the Ocean

None of the other products really grabbed me, so I made a modest mini-haul of two shadows and one (4-pigment) stack of crushed metallic pigments. As per one of the assistant managers at MAC, I am told that these pigments work best when applied with the fingertip, so that is how I swatched them. Upon swatching, there was minimal fallout even though I only used the residual pigment on the plastic cover found underneath each "lid." The color that shone the most was the Gold with the Silver and Blue being similar in vibrancy. The Silver is definitely more metallic than the Blue, however, and the Green was the least impressive color payoff-wise, but is perhaps the most unique of the four. A permanent dupe for the Gold color would be Amber Lights, for the Blue, Blue brown pigment, and for the Silver., Electra, but the Green has no current counterpart in the MAC line.  The stack of four pigments will run you $32.50 USD which comes to about $8.13 per pigment -- even less expensive than one MAC eyeshadow (in palette form)!  Overall, these pigments have adequate color payoff, lots of metallic shine, and extreme bang for your buck.

Green, Silver, Gold, Blue

Green, Silver, Gold, Blue

Green, Silver

Gold, Blue

Green, Silver, Gold, Blue


Formula:       6/10 (decent color payoff with Green being the exception -- more may need to be used to get    more pigmented color, and minimal fallout)
Durability:     4/10 (comes off with light rubbing, but still leaves residue/stain when wiped off with tissue)
Wearability:  8/10 (the colors, although flattering as a scheme, would be overkill if worn altogether -- alone, they would be stunning and their metallic sheen would give "notice me" eyes)
Affordability:  10/10 (at less than the price of one palette pan MAC eyeshadow, they are extremely affordable)
Safety:           0/10 (non-signer of PETA/Leaping Bunny as not testing on animals; EWG rating of:  unknown)
____Overall:  56% or D-

These pigments have adequate color payoff, lots of metallic shine, and extreme bang for your buck. 

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