DIY: Makeup Lei

It's graduation season! & I'd just like to wish all the graduates of 2011 all the best. Congrats to my baby sister as she finishes high school and heads off to college. After sitting through the reading of some 1000 names, I presented her wit this makeup lei. I didn't want to give her something that would wilt, so I thought I might as well combine my gift to her with something she could proudly wear!

Step 1:  choose three different patterns/colors of ribbon of approximately similar widths
Step 2:  choose 1 of the ribbons to be the longest (you will use this to tie into a knot at the nape of the neck)
Step 3:  cut 2 ribbons to the same length and the longest ribbon about 6-8 inches longer 
Step 3:  using a pin, pin the ribbons (stacked on top of one another) at both ends once you've laid out how they will form the overall shape of the lei
Step 4:  fold the desired number of bills (it might look best if an odd number of bills are folded, i.e. 5 bills + 4 makeup items)
Step 5:  lie the lei flat and arrange the bills and makeup making sure to space them evenly apart
Step 6:  using a needle and thread, thread through the back of a bill, then through the front of the lei, and out through the back of the lei 
Step 7:  knot the thread several times to prevent it from sliding out
Step 8:  using a needle and thread, open the lid/flap of the makeup item and lay the thread horizontally across the inside of the lid/flap, close the lid/flap, and loop the needle through the opposite side where the knot is so that you are able to hold onto the needle and raise the makeup item up in the air
Step 9:  thread through the front of the lei, and out through the back of the lei
Step 10:  repeat step 7
Step 11:  once you are done attaching all the items/bills to the lei, remove one pin at one end, and sew the three ribbons together -- repeat on other end of lei
Step 12:  use permanent double-sided tape to tape any bills shut/adhere any makeup items closer to the ribbons 

The finished product:

BTW:  I gave her Satin Taupe, Texture, and Smut eyeshadows and a Quad case
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