Review: Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Trio Eye Shadow - 621 Orion

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Fall is just around the corner and what better colors to celebrate the return of richer and warmer colors than brown? Rimmel London offers a trio of shadows intended for blue-eyed beauties and the how-to instrux neatly packaged into a single compact.  A trio of diagrams on the back of the compact include 'color by number' drawings and tell you which shades to use for a 'Subtle look' and a 'London look' along with lipstick recommendations (though this is pretty vague itself).  

In theory, these shades work well together.  Unfortunately, two of the three aren't pigmented enough to even show up on anyone even when used with an eyeshadow primer.  All three shades have slightly shimmery formulas.  The cream or highlight shade was the chalkiest of the three while the other two were equally as smooth although not impressively so.  The mid-toned shadow is barely noticeable when swatched, but the real disappointment is that while this could have turned out to be excellent for those who are beginning their eyeshadow collections (everyone's got to stock up on neutrals!), these are neither special enough nor worthy to pick up despite their affordability.  These were a complete pass for me.

Score out of 10
Mid-tone and dark shades were mediocre, while highlight was chalky
Highlight shade wiped off easily
Colors are not pigmented enough to warrant purchasing
Excellent price point at $3-$5 for the entire duo
No EWG rating available

38% or F

with and then without primer (highlight)

with and then without primer (mid-tone)

with and then without primer (dark)

with and then without primer (highlight, mid-tone, dark)

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