Newsworthy: Allure's Best of Beauty Hall of Fame

Have you all seen this article on yet? It features 10 of Allure's Best of Beauty Hall of Fame products ranging from skincare to mascara. These products have won the most awards in the beauty industry.  Here's my take on their top 10:

#10:  OPI Nail Lacquer:  I'm Not Really a Waitress

- I caved and purchased this shade a few years ago and have only worn it a maximum of two times.  Once when I first tried it on my nails and during the holidays one year to make myself feel more festive.  I don't really think it's ultra-flattering or a 'must-have' color.  I have definitely seen more 'red' reds or vampy, sophisticated reds that are on the darker side which were much more flattering on my skin tone. 

- Another one of those products you really want to like, but you just can't.  It's got more than 3 parabens and butylene glycol, but it's also got retinol and a form of vitamin E.  I think they can do better than that. 

#8:  Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-off Formula

- I have combination skin that's oily in the T-zone and this scrub cream sufficiently diminished oiliness after a day or two of use, but it is somewhat drying which caused me to break out!

-  I've never used it, but doing a quick search, I am not planning on ever trying it.  Why, you ask?  Its first ingredient is water -- you shouldn't pay big bucks for a product that's mostly made up of water.  It's also got propylene glycol, sodium laurel sulfate, stearyl alcohol (probably so it dries out eventually and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy), and three forms of parabens.  Those are all of the worst offenders -- all in one!  Unbelievably misleading since its description/slogan is "As gentle as it gets." 

#6:  Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

- I could never justify paying more than $10 for a pair of tweezers.  I've been using my cheap-o tweezers for over 5 years and they work just fine!  I don't think it's the tweezers' ability so much as who is using them...? :)

#5:  John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula

- Although I've never suffered the woes of having frizzy hair, I did actually try this after one of my friends bought it back in high school.  It felt like it was mostly made up of silicone and made your hair look like it was wet.  Needless to say, it didn't work for her and she never bought it again. 

#4:  Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

- Having used up two entire bottles of this stuff, I know it well!  I used to use this religiously before applying makeup, but have since switched to something less expensive.  I don't feel like it drastically moisturized my skin to the point where it looked dewy and refreshed, but it didn't hurt it either.  It's a 'meh' product in my opinion.  In retrospect, I could've used the $50 (more or less) to buy so much makeup!

#3:  Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara

-  Once again, another Hall of Famer that isn't so nice on your wallet.  To make matters worse, mascara is one of those things I use even when I'm doing a 'natural' look or a five-minute face, so I run out quickly!  I can't imagine having to shell out $20 or so for a tube of this -- the formula isn't so special that you won't be able to find a good alternative.  Its secret, though, is its slender wand-tip.  Did you know that a broad wand-tip doesn't necessarily translate to thicker lashes?  The best way to achieve defined, thick lashes is a medium to slender wand-tip!

#2:  Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara

-  I purchased this mascara way back when I first started to wear makeup and only had access to drugstores (boy, times have really changed since!).  Everyone claims it's the 'best' mascara ever and that you shouldn't waste your money on buying 'expensive' mascara, but what's up with Hall of Famer #3 then?  I find this formula disappointing in that building up volume on your lashes isn't really possible since each coat is so thin.  However, it was fast-drying in the tube which isn't so helpful. 

#1:  Chanel No. 5

-  Although I have never even gotten a whiff of this infamous scent, I have pretty much stopped wearing fragrances altogether.  Once in a while, I will be careful and try to aim the spritzes onto my clothes, but if you want to know why I've quit perfume, read my post on "Buying Green Products!"

All in all, I think it was an informative article because it gave me an excuse to do my own research and investigate for myself!  Perhaps the reason why these products are such great sellers is because of articles like these that make you feel like going out and giving them a try.  Well, now that I've done all this research, I feel a whole lot better about the money I'll be keeping safely in my pocket!  :)
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