Bird of Paradise

It's been a week of colors I've never paired together! This time, those two colors are orange and purple -- hence the fitting post title. I wore this look before heading to my local MAC boutique and got a compliment from an employee, so I am quite pleased with the result! The pairing is quite tropical and not for the color-wary, but I think it went well with my multicolor paint stroke sundress.

All colors from MAC Cosmetics unless otherwise noted:
*        Inner Corner – Nylon
*        Inner Third – Goldmine
*        Middle Third – Juiced
*        Outer Third – Beautiful Iris + Parfait Amour
*        Above Crease/highlight diffusion – Gorgeous Gold + Dazzlelight (inner half); Beautiful Iris (outer half)
*        Middle of Third – NARS Mediterranee eyeshadow duo (right side)
*        Outer V – Satellite Dreams + Sketch
*        Top liner – Black black
*        Highlight – Vanilla

*        Highlight – Accentuate
*        Color – Joyous + Peaches + Margin
*        Contour – Sculpt

*        Color – Fan Fare + Creme d'Nude

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