Smoke & Diamonds

This is a no-fail smoky look that I've done countless times. Sultry, alluring, and makes brown eyes even more brown -- everything you'd want in a smoky look.

Brushes you'll need:

- MAC #'s 214 (short shader brush), 222 (tapered blending brush), 217 (blending brush), 242 (shader brush), and 116 (blush brush)

Products you'll need:

- MAC Eyeshadows in Electra, Copperplate, Silver Ring, Smut, Carbon, Nylon, Vex, and Blanc Type

- MAC Powder Blushes in Blushbaby
- MAC Lipsticks in Cherish
- MAC Lustreglass in Instant Gold
- MAC Technakohls in Graphblack

- A brow-filling product - Mascara


Highlight the inner corner of the eye with Nylon (242).
[* Highlight the brow bone with a mixture of Vex & Blanctype (242).
[* Apply Electra to the inner third of the lid (242).
Apply Silver Ring to the middle of the lid (242).
[* Apply Smut to the outer corner of the eye and Copperplate to the crease (217).

Highlight the brow bone with a mixture of Vex & Blanctype (242).
[* Darken the outer V with Carbon (222).

[* Line the inner third of the lower lash line with Electra, the middle with Silver Ring, and the outer with Smut (222).
[* Line both lash lines with Graphblack.


Apply Blushbaby in a teardrop shape concentrating color to the apples of the cheeks (116).


Apply Cherish and layer with Instant Gold.

Additional finishing steps: [Fill in eyebrows using MAC's #208 Angled Brow brush and MAC Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown], [Tame unruly brows using MAC Brow Finisher in Clear], and [Darken lashes using MAC's Plushlash mascara in Plushblack].

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