Parisian Pink

I wanted to do a pink look that wasn't too "bubblegum." This is a more sophisticated pink look which could be more work-safe and not necessarily spring or summer-inspired. Pairing pops of color like pink with neutrals like gray or taupe can give just the right amount of color against a subdued background.

Brushes you'll need:

- MAC #'s 214 (short shader brush), 222 (tapered blending brush), 217 (blending brush), 242 (shader brush), and 116 (blush brush)

Products you'll need:

- MAC Eyeshadows in Smut, Carbon, Hush, Girlie, Silver Ring, and Sushi Flower

- MAC Powder Blushes in Dame
- MAC Lipsticks in Lightly Ripe and 40's Pink
- MAC Technakohl in Graphblack

- A brow-filling product - Mascara


Highlight the inner corner and inner third of the eye with Hush (242).
Highlight the brow bone with a mixture of Hush (242).
[* Apply Silver Ring to the middle of the eyelid (242).

Apply Girlie to the outer third of the eye and crease (217).
[* Color in the crease ever so slightly with Sushi Flower (217).
[* Darken the outer V with Smut (222).

[* Darken further with Carbon (222).
[* Line the upper lash line with Graphblack.


Apply Dame at an angle along the outside of the cheekbone (116).


Apply Lightly Ripe, blot, apply 40's Pink, and blot again.

Additional finishing steps: [Fill in eyebrows using MAC's #208 Angled Brow brush and MAC Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown], [Tame unruly brows using MAC Brow Finisher in Clear], and [Darken lashes using MAC's Plushlash mascara in Plushblack].

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