Secret Weapon: Make-Up Remover

I feel like this is a beauty secret hardly anyone knows about -- using lotion as a make-up remover. Lotion as a double-duty product to remove make-up and moisturize your skin. I've been doing it ever since I've worn make-up. After having tried samples of Lancome's Bifacil (too expensive to replenish for me) and L'Oreal's make-up remover (something I could actually afford), I have used and stuck with using lotion and have yet to find a better alternative. The un-scented versions don't sting my eyes like the scented ones.

A couple of choices

[* Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion -- Find their $2 off coupon here: Aveeno
18 oz. for $9.39 at

[* Target Brand Daily Moisturizing Lotion -- only available in stores
8 oz. for $4.99

[* Equate Daily Moisturizing Lotion -- not sold online & prices vary by store
8 oz. for $2.99 (clearance price) at Wal-Mart
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