Plum Smoke

This is what I'd consider a "top-to-bottom" smoky eye using plums. This is definitely a nighttime look, but isn't as traditionally purple as most other smoky eyes in that you can't really tell which colors were used. A look I'd definitely wear clubbing!

Brushes you'll need:

- MAC #'s 217 (blending brush), 214 (short shader brush), 222 (tapered blending brush), 242 (shader brush), 266 (small angle brush), 228 (mini shader brush), and 116 (blush brush)

Products you'll need:

- MAC Eyeshadows in Vellum, Vex, Vanilla, Shale, Star Violet, Sketch, Smut, and Cranberry
- MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
- MAC Powder Blush in Flirt 'N Tease
- MAC Lipsticks in Odyssey, Crosswires, and Hug Me
- MAC Technakohl in Graphblack

- A brow-filling product - Mascara


Apply MAC Paintpot in Painterly all over eyelids as a base using your fingers.
Highlight the brow bone with a mixture of Vanilla and Vex [to just above the crease] (242).
[* Highlight the tear duct/very inner corner of the eye with Vellum (242)

Color the entire lid below the crease with Shale (242).
Place Star Violet in the crease and to the outer 2/3 of the lid (222).
[* Line the upper lash line with Graphblack and smudge along the lash line and upward (214).
[* Mixing Sketch and Smut, darken the area just above the smudged liner, blending upward (214).
[* Mixing Shale and Star Violet, sweep toward the inner third of the eye to meet with Vellum (217).
[* Apply Sketch to bring the "smokiness" to the outer corner of the eye (222).
[* Blend any obvious lines (plum into highlighting shades) (228).
[* Darken the outermost corner by tapping a bit of Smut repeatedly in one spot (217).
[* Line the lower lash line first with Shale and then a mixture of Smut and Star Violet. Finally, extending a bit below the line you just created, line once more with Cranberry (214).
[* Line
the lower lash line along the water line with Graphblack (266).


Lightly swipe your brush with color b/c a little bit of Flirt 'N Tease goes a long way, so build your color up slowly (116)


Firstly, fill in lips with Crosswires. Then, layer over with Odyssey. Blot. Finally, layer once more with Hug Me.

Additional finishing steps: [Fill in eyebrows using MAC's #208 Angled Brow brush and MAC Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown], [Tame unruly brows using MAC Brow Finisher in Clear], and [Darken top and bottom lashes using MAC's Plushlash mascara in Plushblack].

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