Collection Debut: Armani Spring 2009

Armani's take on spring make-up follows an unsurprising pastel theme in pink. I, personally, don't own any Armani cosmetics, but I hear good things about their foundations -- which I found to be very smooth (on my hand). If you've tried any of these products, let me know how you feel about them! I'm going to try to check them out at my local Nordy's when I get the chance.

light master primer - shade: light master primer - $55

microfil loose powder - shade: 03 (pink light) - $48

pink light eye palette:
shade: 07 (shimmering silver, light lilac, light rose, light beige) - $58

lip wax: shade: 07 (raspberry pink limited edition) - $26

blending blush duo: shades: 03 (coral/mocha) & 04 (rosewood/raspberry)
- $60

armanisilk lipstick: shade: 89 & 91 - $25
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