Review: Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner -- 025 Metallic Chic

For my first ever drugstore brand, review, I've chosen Revlon's CustomEyes Shadow & Liner which allows you to 
Easily create and customize the eye look you want with 4 shadows and one liner.  For dramatic eye popping looks like never before!
The colors consist of  a slate grey, a pinky-peach, light golden yellow, teal-green, and light silvery blue.  

The back of the compact has a helpful diagram of how to best use and place the shades when creating your own look.  I chose this color set since it was the only one that was running low, so it must have been a popular one.  I could see how although the colors don't look like they work well together, you can still create quite a few combinations of two shadows and include some other shades you already own to make its diversity work to your benefit.  I prefer to buy pre-made palettes that have different color families mixed in since you can experiment with an "unusual" color without having to spend a fortune if you find that teal-green looks ghastly on you.  Overall, the palette was disappointing with the only standout being the charcoal-grey shade although its color payoff aided by a primer was at best mediocre.  The runner up for least disappointing was the teal-green shade, but even that didn't cooperate as well as I had hoped.  Suffice to say, I wouldn't recommend this palette since the pigmentation was extremely poor even if you found out five out of the five colors worked with your skin tone.  

Score out of 10
Barely noticeable even when packed on
Rubs off even when put on top of a primer
Only two colors could possibly show up on the skin be universally flattering
Hard to beat for 5 colors-in-one
No EWG rating available

16% or F

left to right with and then without primer:  grey, pink, gold, green, white

grey with primer, grey without primer

pink with primer, pink without primer

gold with primer, gold without primer

white with primer, white without primer

green with primer, green without primer

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