Nail File -- MAC Mischievous Mint

I was lucky enough to grab the last bottle of MAC Mischievous Mint (from their Quite Cute Collection) at my local boutique. I don't own anything like it, but thought it was such a refreshingly bright color that I had to have it! Mischievous Mint is a slightly lighter than turquoise, milky aqua blue. It's extremely eye-catching, but despite the unique color, I was quite dissatisfied by the polish formula. The first coat looked absolutely dreadful and although coverage improved drastically by the third coat, it looked like it could use a fourth. Upon closer inspection, I could still see streaks and coverage was still not fully opaque. Now, I'm on the hunt for a similar color with a better formula...

icon  Color: MAC Mischievous Mint
Clear top coat:  Orly Top 2 Bottom
Coats to opacity: 3+
Days worn before chipping: < 1
first coat

second coat

third coat

post-clear top coat

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