Nail File -- OPI Glitzerland underneath Black Shatter

The matte polish trend left me wanting more and truthfully, wasn't that exciting. The most recent special-effects nail polish I've seen is the kind that "shatters" into tiny pieces much like a piece of broken glass. Yes, it's from OPI's Katy Perry Collection and it's called, "Black Shatter." Check out this black topcoat's awesomeness in these photos where I had the chance to try it out first hand!

Base: Orly Bonder
icon  Color: OPI Glitzerland
Top coat: OPI Black Shatter
Clear top coat:  Orly Top 2 Bottom
Coats to opacity: 
3 (Glitzerland) -- 1 (Black Shatter)
Days worn before chipping:  5+!

OPI Glitzerland with Black Shatter top coat:  Glitzerland is extremely sheer and needed 3 coats to opacity (more could be added if desired as it does not affect top coat polish).  Black Shatter's formula is thicker than regular polishes' and begins shattering after about five seconds or so -- a single thin-to-medium coat will do and working on one half of the nail bed at a time is your best bet.  Start from one half and apply two lines of top coat with.  Then, dip the brush back in and apply two more lines of top coat on the second half. 

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