Classically Demure

My hiatus has not been one of choice as the school semester continues, but I am finally getting around to posting a look I wore today and am wearing at the moment while typing this post. My goal was to look professional, but well made up since I was off to another makeup trial (it was a huge success -- and I am so glad!). This look is so simple, it could definitely be considered "work safe."

All colors from MAC Cosmetics unless otherwise noted:
*        Highlight – Blanc Type  
*        Crease – Texture
*        Crease diffusion – Era + Orb
*        Lid below crease – Ricepaper
*        Top liner – Brown border
*        Top liner (over Brown border)– Espresso + Carbon

*        Highlight – Accentuate
*        Color – Margin
*        Contour – Sculpt
*        Base – MUFE HD Foundation #123 + #120
*        Color – Cherish

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