Q & A: Eyeliner Colors for Dark Eyes

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What color eyeliner should light brown people with dark colored eyes wear?

my mom said that black eyeliner under and over my eyelids makes me look like a emo person she claims that i need a brighter color but i want to know would it look good on me before i buy a eyeliner and make a BIG mistake !! my skin color is a bright brown sugar very bright ! my eye color is dark brown hair color is dark but bright brown sometimes (it changes when the sun touches it ) long hair ..... i told her that its not going to change (because i want colorful contacts that why i said it ) but still i dont know what i should do ?? buy a different color eyeliner or buy contatcs or both ??? HELPP ! ... PLSS ! ..

Here's my answer:
My favorite alternatives to black eyeliner are eggplant/burgundy, dark green, and dark brown -- they serve their purpose to define the lash line and shape of the eye without looking as harsh as black eyeliner sometimes can. If you are planning to get colorful contacts, hazel eyes look amazing paired with purple-toned eyeliners. If you don't want to toss out your black eyeliner, a  simple trick to softening any pencil liner is to layer over it with powder eyeshadow. I often use brown, dark purple, dark green, or even metallic shadows to soften pencil liner. This way, if you already own eyeshadows, you can play around and see which colors look best layered over the liner without having to purchase any new products.
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